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Introducing God of Justice

by IJM Institute
God of Justice

Does the evil in the world feel overwhelming? Is it difficult to believe that justice is possible in the face of overwhelming violence?  What can you do to make a real and lasting difference in the world? At IJM we believe that justice for the poor is possible, and we are passionate about helping the global Christian church move into active, joyful and effective service on behalf of victims of violent abuse. So we are excited to introduce you to our newest publication, God of Justice.

What is God of Justice?
God of Justice is a resource that the global church can use to navigate the biblical call to seek justice on behalf of the oppressed. This book takes readers through 12 studies that show the arc of justice throughout all of God’s message to his people, from Genesis to Revelation.  God of Justice seeks to inform readers, spark reflection, bolster community and empower advocates everywhere. Above all, it proves that as we respond to our call to be light and salt in a dark world, transformation is not only possible, but imminent.

“[God’s] Word promises time and again that he will bring deliverance and relief to those that suffer. There is a bright dawn right behind the night! God is not only concerned about bringing relief and salvation in the distant future, but indeed he has promised tangible justice in the present−freedom for prisoners, sight for the blind and liberty for the oppressed.”
−Chapter 6, pg. 56

God of Justice includes a facilitator’s guide, specific suggestions for study and multiple interactive exercises that help connect God’s heart for justice to our own. It is an essential addition to any theological or spiritual library!

Who should read God of Justice?
God of Justice is perfect for individuals or groups. It is designed for leaders who want to help their small groups go deeper in the justice journey, or for individuals who want to enrich their understanding of biblical justice. It speaks to Christians at all levels of familiarity with theologies of justice. Some readers will use God of Justice as a comprehensive introduction, and others will use it to supplement what they have already learned and experienced.

Why is God of Justice different from other Bible studies?
God of Justice is a unique mix of historical perspectives, current events, personal testimonies, scriptural insights, and on the ground client stories from IJM's casework all around the world. It is a catalyst for action, reminding us that God’s justice is never stagnant−readers can come back to God of Justice again and again to grow in their clarity, visions and inspirations.

Three Ways to Share God of Justice Right Now.
You can join the #mobilizeforjustice movement today! All it takes is a few clicks:

  1. Get a sneak peek! Download the first chapter in God of Justice. Share it with at least one person today! Use #mobilizeforjustice when sharing on social media.
  2. Not satisfied with just one chapter? Order the book--or a box! InterVarsity Press is offering great deals on both right now by visiting IVPress or Amazon.
  3. Go the extra mile and print out a God of Justice poster for your group study! 

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